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Participation fee
¥ 6,500 per person
Separate accident insurance premium 300 yen will be subscribed
5/1 to 9/30
Time spent
Morning session        9: 30-11: 30
Afternoon session     13: 30 ~ 15: 30
Included in participation fee
Yuutaki hot spring bathing fee · Rafting boat · helmet · life jacket · 2 hour guide · goal from start to shuttle bus
Who can participate
3 years or older (For parents of elementary school students, 1 parent / guardian per person is required.) Please apply by 2 people or more.
I hope by 17 o'clock of the previous day.
The meeting place
Iiyama City Yutaki Onsen

River parking lot rafting receptionist

Rafting boat trip on the longest river Chikuma river (Shinano river) in Japan.

Contact address


Kitamura 090-27336090

Guest review

We had a family rafting! ️
All the staff were friendly people and we enjoyed not only rafting but also very much! ️
IThey were able to upload a lot of photos and it was absolutely fun shiawase!
I'd also like to have you bother me again .
Thank you very much.

I participated with 8 years old and 4 years old children. It seems that they were able to enjoy relaxing mind gradually by the cheerful tension and hospitality staff of the children who first got bored . The hot spring after playing is also the best! It is very recommended ~.

About clothing / items to bring

You will definitely get wet.

There is a momentum to fall off the rafting boat.
Clothes may be wet, please dress with good dirt.
● T-shirt It is safe to wear a swimming suit instead of underwear for shorts.
● When it is cold, you can lend the upper and lower splash jackets for free.
● Footwear is the best sandals (sports sandals) and water shoes where heels are fixed. Crocs is easy to take off when you falls so be careful.
We are preparing for those who do not bring sandals
● Contact people are safe to have goggles for swimming.
● The glasses are preparing glasses bands.

 You can take hot spring after rafting. Please bring a clothes and towels. 

After arriving at the goal point, we will return to Yutaki Onsen at the starting point by bus.
Please do not forget to change the clothes after the hot spring.

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