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What is the qualification for participation?

Participation is possible from 3 years old over. In the case of less than elementary school students, please give one person a guardian to one person.
You can not participate after drinking alcohol

I can not swim, I am not confident of my physical strength.

Even if you can not swim and not have yourself in your strengthit is okay . You will wear a life jacket so you can not swim and not drown. We will also make tours that meet the physical strength of the participants.

Is there the rafting tour is canceled?

Even if it rains, it will not be canceled.
In the case of stormy weather (lightning forecast), typhoons, etc.  heavy rain and river rising, etc., the tour will be canceled by organizer judges.

About accident insurance incidental

Compensation contents
Death · Secondary disability 3,800,000 yen hospitalization 5,000 yen / day
Visit 2,500 yen / visit
We can not guarantee anything when personal items (eyeglasses, contacts, accessories, cameras etc) are damaged or lost, so self-management and self-responsibility thank you.

Can I take the camera / video camera ?

Bringing in waterproof equipment is okay. Please manage yourself in the boat by yourself. Also, since there are lost due to falling into the river, please respond.

The photographs of customers during the tour are photographed with the permission of the guide and up on the website. During the tour, please order a photo in the guide

About change clothes · bath · toilet

The base of the rafting tour will be Iiyama City Yutaki Onsen Riverside parking lot.
We are preparing a tent at the reception desk for change of clothes. Yutaki hot spring tickets are also attached to the tour price. You can use it as a bath / change clothes after the tour.
You can use Yuutaki Onsen toilet.

I have companions who do not participate in the tour.

You can use the cafeteria in the hall without using hot springs at Yutaki onsen. Please wait in a cafeteria with air conditioning. You can also overlook the tour start place from the dining room.

Are there any discounts for groups.

For experiential learning · school trips · For groups using more than 15 people, consultation on fees etc is accepted.
About 2 hours rafting experience time
Available personnel at one time (about 2 hours) Morning or afternoon, 150 people either
In the case of 2 turns (about 5 hours) Morning / afternoon shift 300
In the case of 3 turns (about 8 hours) Time adjustment necessary 450 people

About cancellation

About cancellation fee · · · If participation was canceled due to customer's convenience, the following cancellation fee will be charged for participation fee.
20 days before participation day ... ... ...        20% of the participation fee
From 10 days before the participation date ... 30% of the participation fee
Seven days before the participation day ... ... .50% of the participation fee
The day before the participation day · · · · · · · 80% of the participation fee
On the day of participation · · · · · · · · · · · · · 100% of the participation fee

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